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Hire me to Write A Article for you

Example Article: Sports News – 2009 Boston Celtics

I do not like the Boston Celtics, but I decided to write about them to flex my writing muscle. This has been a lucrative article for me too. Here is my article on the 2009 Boston Celtics. For more sports article examples.


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Who You Are Hiring To Write A Article

My name is Brian and I am 30-years old. I live in Michigan. Life has been good to me. I have a beautiful wife and a healthy man-child of a son. They are the main reason I decided to start freelance writing more. I want more for them, and this may be my avenue to achieve that.

Now enough about me and lets talk about this blog, “Write A Article“.

The reason behind the name? Honestly, it is named this because I will get traffic using such a strongly keyword rooted name.  The phrase “write a article” gets searched for over 74,000 times / month and there is not too much competition. therefore you will see me on the front page of Google soon if all goes well.

Why did I start a blog? I am hoping that it will show me to be the true professional that I am. Customers will be able to find a lot of my work under one “roof”. Also, this website will give back links to my other posts. Therefore when you pay me to write an article you are also purchasing a back link. On top of that, you will get traffic from people wanting to see examples of my work.

My rate is $0.30 / word. I am willing to work with you on bulk orders. I know that you can get writers for a lot cheaper, but quality is few and far between. What is the point of paying some Indian guy $3.00 an article if you have to waste an hour of your time re-writing it? Skip that step and get it done right the first time. Quality content at an affordable price.

If you would like an article written then please contact me at bkrue514@yahoo.com

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